Matt jig 3

Dancing A Jig With Dad

Community art installation to celebrate Matthew Harding’s life and work.


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Suggested by: Jacinta

Project partner: Cool Country Community Enterprises Limited




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Matthew Harding, renowned steel, stone and wood sculptor has an extraordinary body of work in Australia and overseas. Tragically, Matthew ended his life on 22 February 2018. Local residents, with the support of Matthew’s partner Freya, have decided to develop a community art installation in the Trent Creek Reserve, Trentham where Matthew lived and worked. The key objectives of this project are: • To ensure that Matthew Harding’s artistic legacy is not only recognised around Australia and overseas but also in his home town, Trentham. • To raise awareness of the high rate of suicide among men in regional areas.

This project will provide a ‘contemplative space’ for people to remember and celebrate Matthew Harding’s life and work.

In addition, it will serve as a ‘healing space’ for Matthew’s extensive network of friends to grieve their loss and to contemplate the mental health needs of so many people, and in particular, men in regional areas.

And finally, the installation will be an ongoing confirmation to Matthew’s partner and four children of the Trentham community’s respect and pride in their partner and father, respectively.


Project details

Suggested by: Jacinta

Project partner: Cool Country Community Enterprises Limited




193 votes received


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17 Sep 2018

An important memorial for family, friends, community, art and a poignant reminder of the fragility of life.

Kevin Simpson

16 Sep 2018

A lovely tribute to Matt, an incredible artist, and a beautiful memorial for Freya, Arabella, Lulu, Polly and Hugo to remember their husband and father by.


16 Sep 2018

You are missed by all who knew you: this enduring memorial will ensure that the wider world and future generations will be aware of your rare talent that was lost to it far too soon. What a special guy and spectacular talent...


15 Sep 2018

I'll always remember - such a baby face with such a talent

Susie Spence

13 Sep 2018

Matt was an international acclaimed artist and a warm and caring person. He loved Trentham and we want to remember him at the entry to the town. It will help heal his family and the community. This is a once off opportunity.


12 Sep 2018

A lovely memorial to Matthew and a striking entrance to the town.
Jill McC

Dianarchy Design

12 Sep 2018

I advocate for this project for Matthew Harding in his home community, celebrating his significant life as an artist and designer,recognised nationally and internationally. With a great career and a young family it is evident he had more to live for than most . Mathew’s place supports anxious and depressed people with issues, as a contemplative space. I have known Matthew since the early days of his career. I miss looking forward to his next works.

Allison walsh

10 Sep 2018

Beautiful memorial for a beautiful man, father, artist, with a strong community focus, this memorial will remind us all of the importance of finding and cherishing Art in our lives and to reach out to others in our community with a smile and ask are you ok? Mental health awareness in rural Australia and the importance of art in our everyday lives, we miss you Matt


10 Sep 2018

A beautiful memorial.


08 Sep 2018

A touching memorial

Mick woodberry

06 Sep 2018

Ready with a smile and chat


05 Sep 2018

A man of amazing talent.

Jacinta Carboon

03 Sep 2018

A wonderful tribe to outstanding artist Matthew Harding and the community he lived in.


30 Aug 2018

A person of remarkable talent to be remembered by community


29 Aug 2018

What a lovely piece of Matthew to have in our shire.... and lovely for the family to see as a tribute.


28 Aug 2018

I fully support this project so as to commemorate and celebrate the work of Matthew.

Taryn Murray

27 Aug 2018

Such a talent and a must to celebrate Mathews work.


27 Aug 2018

A wonderful tribute.


27 Aug 2018

Perfect. Good Luck


26 Aug 2018

This town reflects the feeling, chilly place wonderful warm hearts, the work is beautiful

David Cooper

26 Aug 2018

Matthew Harding was such a talented artist, who should be remembered.


25 Aug 2018

Needed by all the community. It will memorialise but also inspire others.


24 Aug 2018

A fitting memorial for a great artist.

Helen L

23 Aug 2018

A wonderfulmemory for future artists


23 Aug 2018

A good reason for art and reflection. A beautiful design regardless.