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Resources and Videos


Use these resources to learn more about Pick My Project, and to support you during the application and voting phases.

Voting Resources

How to vote video

This instructional video provides a step-by-step guide to voting in Pick My Project, a Victorian-first community grants initiative. This includes setting your local community, browsing project ideas, creating your shortlist, and finalising your vote.

Print materials

A3 poster - garden (6.12 MB)

A3 poster - technology (6.12 MB)

A5 double-sided flyer (1.6 MB)

DL promotional flyer for applicants - editable (Word 90 KB)

DL promotional flyer for applicants (PDF 189 KB)

Voting help sheet (PDF 309 KB)

How to promote your project (274KB)

How to promote webinar slides (431kb)

How to create an email address (50kb)

Logos for print use:

JPEG: Standard resolution logo for print  Logo (JPG)

EPS: High resolution logo for professional print  Hi Res Logo EPS ZIP (2.3MB)



Pick My Project Guidelines PDF (95 KB)

Pick My Project Guidelines DOCX (82 KB)

Pick My Project Budget Guidelines PDF (147 KB)

Pick My Project Budget Guidelines DOCX (56 KB)


Application Resources

Pick My Project A5 Flyer V1 (1,175 KB)

Pick My Project A5 Flyer V2 (1,338 KB)


Pick My Project A4 Booklet V1 (3,811 KB)

Pick My Project A4 Booklet V2 (2,809 KB)


Pick My Project A3 Poster V1 (3,357 KB)

Pick My Project A3 Poster V2 (5,147 KB)


Information Session Slidepack

Example Project Application


Videos and webinars

Pick My Project Voting Overview

From big ideas to small ideas, there are lots of great ideas to vote for to help make local communities even better.

Pick My Project How To Promote Webinar

This video recording from one of our online webinars provides advice on how to promote your project ideas to your local community and encourage them to vote.

Pick My Project Application Overview

How to prepare your Pick My Project project idea including partner and land holder requirements.

How to complete a Pick My Project Application

A step by step guide to completing the Pick My Project application form. This includes filling in your details, describing the project, saving an application and completing the partner and landholder sections.