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The Story So Far


In April 2018, Pick My Project was launched. This $30 million community grants initiative empowers Victorians to come up with project ideas to help make their local community an even better place to live, then vote for their favourite project ideas to be funded.

Following an overwhelming response from Victorians across the application and voting phases of this initiative, it’s time to reflect on the pilot year of Pick My Project.

The following is a snapshot of Pick My Project to date.

The story in numbers

We engaged with more than 4,200 Victorians through community engagement events and activities, including:

  • 15 regional and metro assemblies

  • 11 webinars

  • 99 community events

  • 72 locations across Victoria

  •  8,300+ Facebook likes

We helped thousands of Victorians submit an idea or vote through our contact centre, including:

  • 3,500+ emails

  • 6,700+ phone calls

  • 1,200+ votes over the phone or in person

There was an overwhelming number of fantastic project ideas submitted and about 90% of these progressed to the voting stage. We had:

  • 2,600+ project ideas submitted

  • 2,300+ project ideas progress to voting

Victorians were incredible in getting online, calling our contact centre, or visiting us in person to vote for the projects they wanted to see get funding.

  • 95,000+ Victorian voters

  • 52% metro voters

  • 48% rural and regional voters

Nearly 10% of voters were youth or young adults, and another 10% of the votes came from Victorians aged 65 and over. Our oldest Victorian voter was 105 years old. The age breakdown looked like:

  • 9% voters aged 16-24

  • 46% voters aged 25-44

  • 35% voters ager 45-64

  • 10% voters aged 65+

More women participated in the voting process, representing roughly two-thirds of the votes.

  • 65% female voters

  • 32% male voters

  • 3% other

There are 237 successful project ideas from across the state, representing a mix of ideas and outcomes for Victorian communities, including:

  • 120 projects for the metro areas

  • 117 projects for the regional and rural areas.

A number of regional and rural shires punched well above their weight in terms of successful projects compared to local population, including:

  • Bass Coast Shire (7 projects)

  • South Gippsland Shire (6 projects)

  • Colac-Otway Shire (6 projects)

  • Mount Alexander Shire (6 projects)

  • Mitchell Shire (4 projects)

  • Moorabool Shire (4 projects)

What happens next?

The Pick My Project team is currently preparing and finalising the funding agreements for the successful projects. These projects will be implemented throughout 2019/20.