YES Youth Hub Resource Acquisition

Establishing a home for youth in Bass Coast


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Suggested by: Michael

Project partner: Bass Coast Health




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The YES Youth Hub in Wonthaggi is the product of a community driven project, culminating in an operational space for local young people and services. The next endeavour is focussing on functionality, which requires the acquisition of practical resources to fill the space. If successful, funding will be utilised to purchase general amenities such as furniture, kitchen appliances, kitchenware and other basic necessities. In order to create an environment that can effectively accommodate multiple services, as well as be inviting and engaging for local young people, the site will require a complete fit-out, including a kitchen, office and breakout space.

Securing resources allowing the Youth Hub to become operational will benefit the community in numerous ways. Structured activities will be provided, focusing on cultural activities, life skills, and health and well-being skills. Service providers will utilise the site and provide information and referral pathways, including AOD, mental health, family violence, legal, and family planning support and advice. Young people will be invited and supported to plan and organise social enterprises capable of providing meaningful engagement. This will have a direct, positive impact on the local economy as well as providing easier access to programs and services in one central location.


Project details

Suggested by: Michael

Project partner: Bass Coast Health




231 votes received


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08 Sep 2018

I hope it happens for the Community

Steve Dunn

06 Sep 2018

This is my choice. Ticks several boxes in helping the youth of the area. The gym also caters for people of all ages.

Emma Burness

04 Sep 2018

Best idea of the lot.


03 Sep 2018

Can't think of anything more necessary that this community needs!


02 Sep 2018

We need to give our youth a safe space to help & to get help. A space to gather or to share. The potential is endless.


01 Sep 2018

As a youth worker who has worked with many youth people in the area.. seeing a youth hub created would be amazing. young people would definitely benefit from having a safe place to hang out :)


28 Aug 2018

This would be a win win for the young people and the community.

Regina Dudek

25 Aug 2018

A much needed resource for the area


23 Aug 2018

Really important project


23 Aug 2018

Soo important for the youth to have a safe area to hang out. I would like there to be a table tennis table and pool table there also


21 Aug 2018

Something this area needs so much and will benefit the entire community


19 Aug 2018

A much needed resource for the young people in bass coast. A fantastic collaborative effort from everyone involved.


16 Aug 2018

I absolutely support the concept of a youth hub! Teens need a safe space to hang out, and a place to go when they are in trouble. A youth hub gives them a place for socialising and support. Yes!!


13 Aug 2018

Wonthaggi youth need an environment that encourages collaboration and support as do in particular regional areas where there is limited support networks to encourage youth to live the best to their abilities. i 100% support the development of the youth hub!