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Wonthaggi’s Hidden Gem – Recreation and Ecosystems for the Future

A Community Project for Recreation and Restoring Habitat Resilience.


Project details

Suggested by: Linda

Project partner: South Gippsland Conservation Society Inc




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Creating numerous opportunities for the whole community; recreation, walking, bird watching and education this project will:
Involve three community groups with 300 plus members.
Rehabilitate 11 hectares of remnant indigenous bushland; direct seeding and tubestock.
Subject to any required restrictions after a cultural heritage study, restore an ephemeral wetland.
Construct a 60metre boardwalk skirting, then crossing the wetland.
Create linkages to the west with the popular rail trail and new secondary school.
Long term planning will link the school, rail trail, a meandering trail to the new boardwalk and ultimately the proposed Wonthaggi to Inverloch walking path.

Vibrant, healthy communities need the natural environment experience for their ongoing wellbeing. Bass Coast’s unique, natural values are; bushland, wetlands and coastal environments. However, with only ≈17% of fragmented remnant vegetation remaining, these values are vulnerable.
Linking and restoring a biodiverse hotspot within the landscape, this project will facilitate:
Activates to enhance physical fitness and overall health and wellness; bird watching and the symbiotic relationship of many species of flora and fauna.
Opportunities for local schools to develop innovative study programs, teaching the value of ecosystems to future generations; the imperative of ongoing natural resource management and environmental sustainability.


Project details

Suggested by: Linda

Project partner: South Gippsland Conservation Society Inc




207 votes received


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avid gardener

11 Sep 2018

Fantastic Project for the environment and a legacy for future generations


10 Sep 2018

We are nothing without a natural environment.


06 Sep 2018

How lucky we are to be able to expand the amount of public land at a time when many communities are struggling with high density living and lack of public spaces. To be able to walk in pristine areas and educate our young people in the value of bush and wetlands is a responsibility for all of us.

Project Owner


06 Sep 2018

The people who live in the Bass Coast choose this region because it offers rural, coastal and community environments. It is inevitable that more urban development occurs. We are so fortunate that this parcel of land has been 'held' by local community groups working with government organisations to repatriate the indigenous flora and fauna and to develop the site now for shared community use. The local new Secondary school will be right next door. We need our own youth to be interested in our local area to foster careers in environmental care. The initial task involves establishing fences and appropriate access points to protect the site. Further work provides infrastructure around a natural wetland both for protection and for us to enjoy. Local seedbank volunteers and other community groups will revegetate the land with indigenous plants. Opportunities for substantial funding to achieve these visions are rare. There are only so many 'lamingtons' that can be sold to create a 'piggybank' substantial enough to take on such a project. Your vote now will support a vision (The Inverloch-Wonthaggi trail) that was initiated some 20 years ago by people in our own community and who will be directly involved with volunteer labour and other resources to develop this site so that we are another step closer towards the trail vision. Please spread the word to VOTE NOW, so that one day you may have an opportunity to meander a beautiful trail that includes a wetland, bushland, farmland and a coastal vista!

John Maddock

05 Sep 2018

Creating a safe walking/bike path along the coastal road from Cape Paterson to Inveloch encapsulating the panoramic views of the sea along the lines of those on Phillip Island would be a great benefit to the local community and to tourists as well as improving the safety for cyclists and provide exercise opportunities thus health benefits for Victorians


04 Sep 2018

This will be a very special, and long overdue, project for Wonthaggi. It will have multiple benefits to the whole community (people of all ages) & to the biodiversity of local flora and fauna. Through the creation of a wild life corridor in a rural/urban setting and the enhancement of native remnant vegetation, restoring this land will provide educational opportunities and the sort of experience of nature that is so significant to the health of a community. Congratulations to the working group that conceived this idea, I really hope it gets up!

From the home front.

03 Sep 2018

I totally agree with Cape Resident regarding the indigenous culture being included.

Biodiversity 1st > From the home front.

11 Sep 2018

Great comment - If successful we will include Indigenous Culture as part of the project


01 Sep 2018

This is such an important project. So much of our coastal wetland areas have been drained and developed.


29 Aug 2018

It is all about walkability which is healthy for the human spirit and reinforces appreciation for our invaluable environment. Great project

Cape Resident

28 Aug 2018

This looks like an amazing project. Would love to see some research into Indigenous cultural significance when undertaking the cultural heritage study to interweave into learning and enrichment for the area.

Biodiversity 1st > Cape Resident

11 Sep 2018

Important idea and link to traditional land owners, past, present and future. - If successful we will include Indigenous Culture as part of the project


25 Aug 2018

eviemac What a fabulous project! How fortunate for Wonthaggi to have so much public land - courtesy of the underground black coal mines. This project is for so many groups in the community. Especially its proximity to the new campus of the Wonthaggi Secondary College due to open in 2020. A natural laboratory for students in biology, botany and other sciences. Also for studies in health and recreation. An enhanced wildlife habitat and corridor for native animals - mammals, birds and reptiles, so important as we as humans destroy so much habitat.


23 Aug 2018

What a very worthwhile project, which will benefit many diverse groups in our community.


23 Aug 2018

A great link for both wildlife and people


20 Aug 2018

This project would benefit a wide Group within the local community & visitors wishing to enjoy the wetlands. It will enhance the habitat for birds & other native wildlife.

Biodiversity 1st

19 Aug 2018

Wonthaggi is in the unique position that it has a large amount of public land around it that provides opportunities for passive recreation, diverse areas of remnant indigenous vegetation for biodiversity, learning and linkages. Most other small towns do not have these opportunities This project will create linkages with the adjoining new secondary college, the rail trail and the future Wonthaggi to Inverloch path. It will also add to the extent and resilience of the surrounding indigenous vegetation providing greater habitat for birds and mammals.


14 Aug 2018

Such an important proposal. I do think, as Wonthaggi increases its density and spread, that these spaces are vital. I am concerned as I look to the expanding north of Wonthaggi that we are at risk of becoming a cheap Cranbourne. What will give us stable housing values, healthy active living and happy neighbourhoods is the access to nature reserves and nature links. We can build another sprawl of housing, like so many other country towns have, or we can expand and join up the wonderful patches of nature. This is rare now, this is what so many people are wanting. I do wonder if we will be smart enough to do things differently or if we will end up with all the sameness of everywhere else.


13 Aug 2018

We could also do with a hydro pool for our hospital in wonthaggi