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UandU - Upcycle and Upskill

Increasing employability whilst fostering an inclusive grassroots recycling program!

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Suggested by: Alex

Project partner: Enable




92 votes received

This project did not receive enough votes to be successful.

Under the auspices of leading social enterprises Enable, Colourful Collective and community makerspace UandU comprises three chapters:
1. Bush clean-ups modelling experiential education;
- Learning from local botanists and indigenous guides.
- Removing waste from local parklands.
- Connecting community to natural environment.

2. Public upcycle workshops:
- Creative in-home-recycling techniques transforming plastic waste into useful items.
- Ensuring attendance of marginalised people, liaising with local humanitarian organisations.

3. Two Intern-placements for marginalised people with Colourful Collective:
- Partnering with Enable for e-waste reduction.
- Empowering through employability skills; soft-skills, recycling/design industry experience.
- Stimulating local economy/ collaborating with designers.

Plastic makes up 80% of all waste in the oceans, a global problem. We can have an impact by removing it from our shared local environments. Darebin is a culturally diverse region, this project aims to foster more positive connections in the community, involving everyone in the solution to Australia’s waste crisis.

In light of China’s national Sword policy the recycling industry is set to grow, creating new employment opportunities in Australia. Internships for marginalised people will provide advantageous skillsets for this opportunity and into the future. 150 people will be reached in this scalable pilot venture.

Project details

Suggested by: Alex

Project partner: Enable




92 votes received

This project did not receive enough votes to be successful.


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Mary De Bono

16 Sep 2018

All the very best for your project! A great way to bring ongoing awareness and responsible engagement in how the community can recycle and upcycle goods.


14 Sep 2018

I agree that the amount of waste in the community is unnecessarily large. There is no profit in fixing, reducing or re-using. We have to do it as a community. We need skills for this. Additionally, skills for fixing are dying out. The old timers know about it, and the skills need to be passed on before it's too late. Our area will also be better for it.


13 Sep 2018

It’s so exciting to see your passion and commitment to this beautiful project! Best of luck!!!


04 Sep 2018

Great things happen with collaboration! Let's hope this idea gets wings!

Project Owner > Enable

11 Sep 2018

We hope so!!! :) Thank you Enable for supporting us!!!


22 Aug 2018

Lots of hard work. Keep going!

Project Owner > DiZ

11 Sep 2018

Thank you!! :)


21 Aug 2018

I love the idea! Hope you guys can make it a reality. :)

Project Owner > tide

22 Aug 2018

Thank you Tide, great to have your support! :)


20 Aug 2018

Great project idea, combining the plastic waste issue with creating employment where it is needed.

Project Owner > Linda

20 Aug 2018

Thanks Linda! :)


19 Aug 2018

Great project idea! We have a project that might have overlap with yours. Loconomics Australia is also in your area and uses technology to fight for fair and ethical conditions for gig workers. A collaboration between our projects would be great.. Find us on Facebook - Loconomics Australia and Twitter - @loconomicsau

Project Owner > samwa

20 Aug 2018

Thanks! We shall look you up! Good luck :)


16 Aug 2018

Fantastic initiative fighting waste and enabling employment for great people.

Project Owner > toriness

17 Aug 2018

Thank you!! Hoping we can make it happen. :)


14 Aug 2018

Fantastic initiative, sending my vote and many hopes that you get through! Let's fight the war on waste!

Project Owner > avaran

15 Aug 2018

Thank you so much!