Sustainability Education Program through STEM

Sustainability innovation programs delivered in an authentic experiential learning environment.

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Suggested by: Jimi

Project partner: Templestowe College




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Manningham's Sustainability Education Centre will deliver programs that enable all parts of the community to live more sustainably. Activities include practical educational workshops on waste, energy and innovative food production, delivered to schools through excursions and whole community workshops. The centre will house a plastics recycling plant, robotic farming, solar power, a coffee grounds repurposing facility, solar energy system and STEM lab to support sustainability innovation. Visitors to the centre can bring their recyclables and produce reusable products that reduce their waste and participate in informative and active sessions that equip them to practice sustainability in their own context.

The average Australian produces 200kg of food waste every year and over 100kg of plastic waste. Only 7% is recycled. We are also one of the largest contributors to CO2 emissions.
The Sustainability Education Centre not only educates all sectors of the community on the importance and benefits of sustainability, but engages them in practical sustainability innovations and activity such as doing their own recycling, which will have the net effect of reducing the waste and litter in our community. This will also influence values and future behaviors as people learn ways that they can make a positive difference.

Project details

Suggested by: Jimi

Project partner: Templestowe College




189 votes received

This project did not receive enough votes to be successful.


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16 Sep 2018

omg this is SUCH a great idea! How do I get involved??!


14 Sep 2018

More fabulous stuff from this place!

Howdy fellas its me Joe yeehaaww

14 Sep 2018

pretty epic 😎😎😎


13 Sep 2018

Brilliant idea


10 Sep 2018

Such a worthwhile idea. Hopefully this gets up


09 Sep 2018

Such a fantastic idea! Manningham youth and the environment will directly benefit from this project. Genuinely hope it gets up.


08 Sep 2018

This is such a great idea guys - hope you get the grant!!


08 Sep 2018

Good luck, great initiative!

Kate Fi

07 Sep 2018

Great initiative


04 Sep 2018

Thank you for looking after a better environment and therefore a better future for our next generations. Keep going, one step at a time but keep going! Thumbs up :)


01 Sep 2018

fabulous idea


31 Aug 2018

Very good idea!

Purple V

28 Aug 2018

Its great you want to help people be aware of our waste problem and how to make a difference everyday.


27 Aug 2018

Witnessing the increase of plastic waste consumption and debris, I think this is a great initiative to take on as a school. Not only will this help out the local community, but also educate the new generation!

Kel Cass

25 Aug 2018

Great project - I submitted my vote - well done guys!


25 Aug 2018

Great ideas, good luck!


21 Aug 2018

Great initiative, Australia is capable of doing more here....


20 Aug 2018

Waste and an unsustainable lifestyle is now a critical issue in our time. Great initiative- good luck!