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“Six & Knocked Out! Balls Fly at Banyule Cricket Club.”

Safety upgrade of the Banyule Cricket Club training nets.

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Suggested by: Andrew

Project partner: Banyule City Council




232 votes received

This project did not receive enough votes to be successful.

The training nets located at Banyule Cricket Club are proposed to be modified to improve safety and extend the playing surface. This will aid the use of this resource, not only for the cricket club but will provide a surface for the football clubs and the community. The cricket club has many junior players, all varying in age and abilities. The current net structure does not adequately protect players from ball strike during training. Players and coaches are not in a position to see balls struck from other nets and rely on vocal warnings from other participants to prevent injury.

With over 320 players ranging in age from 5 - 60, mums, dads and children along with locals that wander down for a hit of cricket, the Banyule Cricket Club training nets are a busy place every day of the week! This extension will also provide a hard surface during the wetter months for the well patronised junior and senior football clubs that share these facilities. Added to this the cricket club has grown by over 50% in the last four years! With the varying age of participants training together, the need for safer training nets is essential.

Project details

Suggested by: Andrew

Project partner: Banyule City Council




232 votes received

This project did not receive enough votes to be successful.


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Bill S

16 Sep 2018

Great family club but requires the upgrade to improve safety for all users of park.

carla k

11 Sep 2018

A Wonderful Family Club with numbers increasing and facilities needing to be upgraded. Please support us.


10 Sep 2018

Please support this great club. We support this initiative.


09 Sep 2018

I support , as I love cricket and this will ensure the safety of the players.


04 Sep 2018

One of the best community clubs in the district. An upgrade of nets will ensure improved safety for all players while training.


03 Sep 2018

It’s a great club who’s nets are falling behind in comparison to the rest of the DVCA. Would be great for safety and help the club with developing its players to be competitive!


30 Aug 2018

Banyule CC is in the heart of the Banyule council. this would make a huge difference or the safety and wellbeing of all junior and senior players and members, and also the general public you love to walk around in the beautiful parklands.


29 Aug 2018

The upgrade is critical for the safety of BCC seniors and juniors training throughout the week; the opposition, who use the nets to warm up on game day; and importantly , the general public, who use the facilities to play cricket with family and friends.


24 Aug 2018

Very proud community club and definitely needs this upgrade


23 Aug 2018

The growth of this great family club needs to be supported by the upgrade of these facilities


21 Aug 2018

Proud community club with use all year round. Improved facilities and safety measures much needed as numbers increase.


20 Aug 2018

Great club and definitely in need of this upgrade. Best family club in the district


20 Aug 2018

Great club with huge numbers, long history and getting bigger and stronger every year.

Lynne J

20 Aug 2018

A worthwhile project that will benefit the community

A Brown

20 Aug 2018

A successful Club which will need upgraded facilitates with Womens cricket growing in popularity


20 Aug 2018

Great sporting community club who are ensuring that the demand for safety of everyone is increasing as the size of the club does!


18 Aug 2018

A very worthwhile project to protect our kids (big and small) in the nets


18 Aug 2018

A very worthwhile project tp improve the protection and conditions for all that have access. This not only is accessible to the cricket and fottball clubs but to the entire local community