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Saving the Rutherglen Scout Hall for future generations

Restoration of the Rutherglen Scout Hall for future community leaders


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Suggested by: Cassandra

Project partner: The Scout association of Australia, Victorian Branch




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The Rutherglen Scout Hall has been home to the 1st Rutherglen Scout Group since 1910 and is used by 60 children and 6-8 volunteer leaders every week for the teaching of life skills, leadership, responsibility and service. The hall is also open to other community groups as a relaxed, welcoming place to gather, create and learn. Unfortunately, the hall requires significant structural works for it to continue to serve as the home for future generations of community leaders. If these issues are not addressed, the hall will continue to degrade to the point that it will be unsafe to use.

The Rutherglen Scout Hall provides a home for the unique offering that Scouts provide. In an age of technology, virtual friends and instant gratification, Scouts provide hands-on fun and team-based achievement, all the while developing a sense of responsibility, independence and personal achievement. The range of programs and activities are focussed around outdoor skills/activities and community service. It is programs such as Scouts that support the next generation of community leaders and volunteers who are the lifeblood of a small town, with volunteers serving across the community in the emergency services and service clubs; without which, Rutherglen would not thrive.


Project details

Suggested by: Cassandra

Project partner: The Scout association of Australia, Victorian Branch




205 votes received


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Lisa Dono

17 Sep 2018

Such an important project for so many of our growing number of current and future joeys, Cubs, Scouts and Guides.


14 Sep 2018

Much needed project to improve the facilities for the current and future 1st Rutherglen Scouts and the wider community.


04 Sep 2018

Very worthy project. Much needed by our children.

Gypsy Devil

02 Sep 2018

Please restore our quaint little scout hall. A lovely heritage building that needs restoring for our kids future!


01 Sep 2018

A very important heritage building a must have for the town


30 Aug 2018

A very important 'home' for such a worthy cause!! Scouts is a brilliant association so important for kids to connect on a personal level and learn values and skills for life. Fingers crossed! Our little neighbours are testament to the value of Scouts.


28 Aug 2018

A must have , another heritage asset and so many memorable years with the Scouts and Martial Arts classes .


25 Aug 2018

Saving the scout hall is so important to rutherglen and its heritage


22 Aug 2018

As a leader from the mid eighties and I whole heartedly support your efforts and wish you all the best. John Mc


20 Aug 2018

An integral part of our community. This is a beautiful building, very much part of our heritage and needs to be preserved and given a new life.


16 Aug 2018

Such an important building to our little town! Good Luck!


15 Aug 2018

Good Luck Scouts....


15 Aug 2018

This hall serves a current generation of children, as well as past generations, to give them constructive activities and hands-on learning. I see this as increasingly important as children otherwise become more "reliant" on their electronic devices as a pastime; instead, I see enormous value in the children having organised, safe, appropriate, OUTDOOR, TEAM-based activities to occupy them, and this hall is the base for them doing so.


14 Aug 2018

Good luck!


13 Aug 2018

Best of luck. We need this!


13 Aug 2018

great ideas - hope you collect the votes and are successful in gaining funding

MelF > wombatlyons

13 Aug 2018

Thank you - fingers crossed!