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Reconnect our Village!- a place to gather, learn and share

Skill-sharing across generations and cultures - a community building project

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Suggested by: Janis

Project partner: Moongala Women's Community House




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This project did not receive enough votes to be successful.

This project creates an opportunity for the local and broader community to engage with the simple pleasures of life through a year-long series of free workshops, talks and community gatherings at Moongala Community House. Sharing art/craft skills, cooking, story-telling, gardening, wisdom and practical tips across generations. Re-using/re-vamping/up-cycling – learning to embrace simplicity in a fun and genuinely heart-warming way. Increased volunteering opportunities, community gardening, fruit and vegie swap, social gatherings, community lunches, art/craft/friendship groups, monthly birthday celebrations, drop-in café - opportunities to meet people and stay involved , altogether providing a greater sense of wellbeing, purpose and satisfaction in life.

Everyone wants to feel connected - so often they just need an invitation to come together. This project encourages;
• old and young to learn from each other,
• sharing of our different cultures,
• stories to be told,
• a sense of identity and belonging,
• community members to learn new skills, share their knowledge, participate, be involved
• people to stay connected by joining existing groups /creating new ones.
Engaging and participating in a series of enjoyable, informed workshops, discussions and sustainable community events enhances individual health and wellbeing leading to a cohesive and vibrant local community village.

Project details

Suggested by: Janis

Project partner: Moongala Women's Community House




179 votes received

This project did not receive enough votes to be successful.


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13 Sep 2018

Good luck. A worthy project

Cr Jim Magee

11 Sep 2018

Good on you J&J Moongala, what a great asset you are for East Bentleigh.

Keith Gonsalvez

09 Sep 2018

Great project for the local community -youth and elderly are able to engage and interact with each other


09 Sep 2018

A great project to involve the whole community.


05 Sep 2018

Similar to a not for profit idea Ive had for a few years but I'm young and unpractical this is realistic I love it and want to be so much apart of it that it flowers and flourishes into a beautiful fruit for the community

Gayle K

04 Sep 2018

This house brings people together and I can only wish that more get behind this project and that they receive wonderful outcomes and support

Cathie Lynch

02 Sep 2018

Love this project; the inter generational approach is so positive in building a healthy community


01 Sep 2018

Alive Alivo!


31 Aug 2018

Much needed project to engage the local community


29 Aug 2018

Moongala is such a place with lots of love and wonderful people!!!

J Knott

25 Aug 2018

A great project and I very much look forward to participating in the activities

mary mary

24 Aug 2018

Moongala has been a presence in Bentleigh East for over 30 years. they deserve funding and support to continue doing what they do best. Mary Mary


20 Aug 2018

Moongala plays a vital role in supporting and empowering women of all ages.


20 Aug 2018

Moongala is a vital piece of the neighbourhood village, supporting scores of women over many years. It deserves every support.


19 Aug 2018

Moongala Community House has survived on a 'shoestring' over many, many years. In spite of their limited means, they continue to provide valuable skills training to women and men of all ages. MCH is also an important local community hub. I am delighted to support their ongoing work!
Cartha Maloney


18 Aug 2018

Great ideas should be more of this


16 Aug 2018

Great initiative - benefits for both young and old in the community


15 Aug 2018

Fantastic initiative


15 Aug 2018

Great community minded offering


13 Aug 2018

Great Project