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Pearl Park Music Festival

Inaugural Pearl Park Music Festival in Foster, celebrating local community.


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Suggested by: Rebecca

Project partner: Manna Gum Community House Inc




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Free, inclusive music festival for all - children, youth, families, aged-care residents, businesses, clubs, organisations, tourists.

Provide space and time for people to stop and meet.

*Magnificent Pearl Park, Stockyard Creek, Foster's township. *Ornate stage, hay bale seating, picnic rugs, cushions, towering trees decorated, magician roams, face-painters
* Pearl Park-music stage-11 bands/62 musicians
*Foster Library-children's storytelling/music-making
*Foster Museum-old-fashioned children's games
*Stockyard Creek Art Gallery Exhibition
*Local face painter
*Local Information Stalls
*Market- all local produce
*Dusk falls -massed community tai chi by the creek, candles and tree lanterns are lit, a town kicks up its heels until late

To foster and encourage a cohesive, supportive, vibrant and inclusive community. To showcase our food and wine producers, highlight local attractions, and encourage connections between community members. Clubs, businesses and organisations are all invited to hold promotional stalls, activities and sell merchandise.

This event will also foster a network of musicians. Two members are teachers from Foster Secondary College, and are committed to inspiring young musicians to connect with the wider musical community. Students will be actively involved.

Encouraging locals to shop local has ongoing economic benefits, while reminding tourists why Foster is not just the gateway to the Prom.


Project details

Suggested by: Rebecca

Project partner: Manna Gum Community House Inc




180 votes received


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Bron Catherine

15 Sep 2018

Great for tourism and the community. It will assist our youth in terms of their long-term engagement in the Arts and bring many back for the event. I work with Bec Bone and know that her energy and enthusiasm will make this a successful project. I also know many of the local musicians and they deserve this opportunity to showcase their diverse range of talents! I truly hope that this is one of the chosen projects for funding.


08 Sep 2018

A quality team of organisers will undoubtedly put on a quality event benefiting all.


03 Sep 2018

Rural and Regional areas such as ours need forums such as this to inspire, promote, and sustain our many talented local musicians, young and old.
Community events such as this enrich our local culture and provide opportunities for local people to meet have fun and form new relationships and networks.


28 Aug 2018

Foster needs to rebuild its live music culture, which will benefit young and old alike, and this project will go a long way to achieving that.

27 Aug 2018

Music is uplifting and stimulating. Good for everyone.


26 Aug 2018

Great Musicans in our district


23 Aug 2018

Loads of community support for a successful music festival.


23 Aug 2018

This is exactly what foster needs. An amazing festival run by incredibly passionate people

Paragreen Real Estate

21 Aug 2018

Fantastic idea for the community and local businesses


16 Aug 2018

This would be a very special event worthy of support.


15 Aug 2018

Foster SO needs such a festival to call it's own, and a wonderful opportunity to showcase the great array of local talent


14 Aug 2018

Would be great to support our local music community, as well as the very successful school music program.


14 Aug 2018

Fantastic idea, and with our local school having such a strong music program it will be a wonderful opportunity for our students as well as the wider community of Foster to enjoy top class music in the beautiful setting of Pearl Park.


14 Aug 2018

A fantastic initiative for musicians in our small community


13 Aug 2018

Please support this event. Thanks Anthony x