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Mt Martha Farmers' Market

Your monthly local Farmers, Makers, Producers, Brewers and Growers Market.


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Suggested by: Jessica

Project partner: Sustainable Table




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Mt Martha is a small tight-knit community nestled between the seaside and bush. With beautiful beaches and bush it is home population of 18,000 and is a haven for locals and visitors alike. An Mt Martha Farmers' Market will be a regular event for community and visitors with stalls, local produce, live music, kids activities, workshops, and community promotions. A local farmers market will celebrate Mornington Peninsula and Victorian produce, seasonal food, and sustainable farming. It will be open and accessible to the community and visitors with plenty of parking on site and wheelchair access, with low impact.

Mt Martha Farmers' Market will be a regular local family-friendly event for the community to enjoy. It will be a place to gather, meet up with friends and family while sharing ideas. It's about accessing fresh produce while supporting and encouraging the local economy and creating a connection to food production. The market will attract visitors to MT Martha to enjoy local food and further explore the local area, businesses, and natural attractions. The market is designed to give people access to healthy eating and a connection to the people who grow, create and enjoy food in their local area.


Project details

Suggested by: Jessica

Project partner: Sustainable Table




311 votes received


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17 Sep 2018

Brilliant Idea. Cannot wait.


16 Sep 2018


Australian Carnivore

16 Sep 2018

This would be fantastic for our gorgeous seaside town. All the Best for a successful outcome. You have our Vote.

Cassie D

13 Sep 2018

Such a good project. The world needs more farmers' markets and better access for our food producers to receive more of the purchasing dollar. It'll also foster a better understanding of where our food comes from amongst the community. All the best!

Project Owner

JessSH > Cassie D

13 Sep 2018

Totally Agree!! Thanks for your support Cassie D.
Please jump on our social media page, to keep up to date with Mt Martha Farmers' Market plans and news about farmers' markets in the area. Thanks xx


12 Sep 2018

Sound so fantastic! Good luck Jess! With you all the way x


11 Sep 2018

this was so confusing! I have tried to vote, registered, etc, but all i can see is "put it on my short list". Anyway, I would love the market.

GayMus > Loosey

11 Sep 2018

You have to add to your list 3 projects then submit.


09 Sep 2018

So much demand and opportunity for this in our community. Hope it comes to life! Thanks for your dedication.


07 Sep 2018

I hope this happens. thanks for the hard work!


06 Sep 2018

Would looooooove a farmers market in Mt Martha it would be perfect!!!


05 Sep 2018

Good luck Jess, reducing food miles is a great goal!

Bec Birdrock

02 Sep 2018

Fantastic idea - Mount Martha needs a farmers market and access to fresh, farm-grown food and produce.


31 Aug 2018

I would be a regular. I'm excited.


31 Aug 2018

Excellent idea

Pam M..

30 Aug 2018

Excellent. We'd love to support this great initiative to support our local businesses and suppliers.


30 Aug 2018

Fantastic idea, would be great to see it happen!


30 Aug 2018

Will be a fabulous addition to our local community.


28 Aug 2018

Best of luck, Jessica. Together we can do this!


27 Aug 2018

Just what Mount Martha needs, Briars would be a perfect spot 🙏🏻


26 Aug 2018

This would be fabulous in Mt martha!


25 Aug 2018

This would be just amazing - thank you Jess - love this initiative 😊


19 Aug 2018

Good luck. Also have a look at another project, From little things grow... if you want to grow your own vegetables


18 Aug 2018

Wonderful initiative for the community Jessica! The Briars is such a gem, what a beautiful place to host a local farmers market.

Project Owner

JessSH > KBC

13 Sep 2018

Thank you KBC for your support. We love The Briars and agree that's its a gem and it will be the perfect place for a local farmers market.

Liz Fitzgerald

16 Aug 2018

Great work Jess, what a fabulous idea and a great location! It would be so good for the local community.

Hai Tops

15 Aug 2018

Hey Jess, Fantastic initiative for the community and I really hope you get a chance to make it a reality!


15 Aug 2018

Hopefully Red Hill Peony Estate good be involved 😊