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Hawthorn velodrome flood lighting

Install flood lighting for the Hawthorn velodrome

Project details

Suggested by: Paul

Project partner: Boroondara Council




276 votes received

This project did not receive enough votes to be successful.

Provide Exterior flood lighting to increase the usable hours of the velodrome, giving options for early morning and evening training throughout the year.

We aim to provide a safe environment for all the community to use. As this area is dark and not in a high traffic area it can discourage members of the community to use the facility, particularly women.

We wish to provide an alternative to driving across town to Thornbury to use the indoor velodrome.
Exterior lighting will increase participation and patronage of the facility and provide for year round use.

Project details

Suggested by: Paul

Project partner: Boroondara Council




276 votes received

This project did not receive enough votes to be successful.


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17 Sep 2018

Great venue could use the additional support from Government for additional time available during winter and later in summer.


16 Sep 2018

Would be a great addition to the refurbished velodrome, providing safety and usability all year round


15 Sep 2018

regularly ride past and on light evenings will often do a few interval circuits but rarely do so in the dark - would make an all year venue


14 Sep 2018

This would add usability of the venue for the cycling community especially for those who trains / rides earlier / later in the day.


13 Sep 2018

This will extend the usability of the facility so wonderfully supported by Council

Tim W

13 Sep 2018

A great idea and initiative. Making it easier for people to get fit and active.


13 Sep 2018

Lights would make track training and racing possible over the winter months for the Hawthorn Cycling Club. However they would also make it much safer for the many commuters and other cyclists that go there alone regularly after work. I sometimes find that riding alone there is a bit creepy because it can be pitch black by 6pm. Lights would greatly improve the situation and safety of the community


13 Sep 2018

Great idea for Cyclists


13 Sep 2018

A necessary requirement to provide a safe environment for the users.

George Kat

13 Sep 2018

Fantastic idea and initiative. This is a positive step towards bring communities together and inspiring future cyclist to follow their dream


13 Sep 2018

would love to see some lights. this would increase usability all year round, and provide a safe training option after dark.

Dano 1974

12 Sep 2018

Great effort to better utilise this community resource. Let’s do this.

Daniel Crabtree


10 Sep 2018

Good comment TG. Two birds one stone. Do the neighbouring hockey fields lights at same time as Velodrome. Massive savings for the benefit of a huge number of participants and spectators at both sports..


10 Sep 2018

This is such a growing sport, year on year, and this is a really popular velodrome. It has great access and the more participation the better. Great for all ages - 5-80 years.

Alison L

09 Sep 2018

Lights would be a necessary safety addition to a busy sporting and transit area.

Paul L

07 Sep 2018

Lights would complement the recent clubroom upgrades and resurface of the velodrome surface; making Hawthorn Cycling Club an attractive prospect for prospective members young and not so young. Will also improve safety in the immediate area.


05 Sep 2018

Lights would be great for Junior training and help our club become more competitive with other Victorian clubs by increasing training opportunities. The new facilities and resurfaced track has helped to boost numbers at junior training and lights would increase participation further.


31 Aug 2018

Improves the availability and use of a great community asset during long winter months and gets some bike off the roads.


31 Aug 2018

A great community project that all family members can benefit from.

Paul Meehan

27 Aug 2018

Thousands of people use this velodrome - having lights will not only boost the numbers, but it extends the hours of use and makes it safer for the mums, dads, brothers, sisters and kids that ride. With lights, we would have the venue to train Hawthorns next cycling world champions.

TG Leonard

26 Aug 2018

If the hockey fields get their LED lighting, maybe the existing hockey lights could be used for the Velodrome lighting project?


21 Aug 2018

Such a fun velodrome. Providing lighting would support the cyclist community, encourage exercise and a healthy lifestyle, and turn the Velodrome into a more accessible, safer place to ride.

Julian DB

18 Aug 2018

So important to have a purpose built facility for cyclists to train - particularly juniors away from traffic. Moreland helped fund Brunswick velodrome and have 3 riders at current junior world champs - 1 now the new world champion. No coincidence. Worthwhile investment.


17 Aug 2018

Be great for lights to be available at our velodrome. Would increase its use as a club and community amenity


15 Aug 2018

Our local Velodrome is a critical facility for Hawthorn Cycling Club. Members and the local community need secure places to ride safely away from the road. This is particularly important with respect to women's participatiin. It also serves as the training facility for Monday and Thursday night junior coaching sessions. Personally I use the facility up to 5 times/wk and my times of use depend on work and family commitments so availability of the facility is very important to me. Night times are typically my only option.