Great streets in glen huntly start with strong corners

Great streets in Glen Huntly start with strong corners

Revitalise entrance to Glen Huntly to be welcoming, inviting, safe.

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Suggested by: Catherine

Project partner: Glen Eira City Council




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The corner of Watson Grove and Glen Huntly Road is underutilized as a public space and is disconnected from the rest of Glen Huntly’s shopping centre. Watson Grove is an important street for residents and visitors alike, acting as a gateway to Glen Huntly. This exciting renewal and community art project will reflect the history and cultural diversity of the surrounding neighbourhood. Set in a garden setting, art work designed by the community will celebrate Glen Huntly’s pre-European history and recognise the residents' past and present.

This street corner will once again become a vibrant and inviting gateway to the Glen Huntly shopping centre. The corner of Watson Grove is currently a rundown and an uninviting space used for dumping rubbish. This project will see the area become an interactive, social and inviting garden space. This could include towering totem poles and textured freestanding community artworks to represent the diversity of the Glen Huntly community. This will make the area feel safer and help build a strong sense of community connection and interaction, leading to increased health, happiness and wellbeing of residents.

Project details

Suggested by: Catherine

Project partner: Glen Eira City Council




145 votes received

This project did not receive enough votes to be successful.


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15 Sep 2018

Interesting idea: is the Indigenous community going to be consulted and involved; will the hoped for improvements include energising along the shopping strip too? How will it be monitored and supported so it doesn't become a rubbish dump, It needs to be more than a beautification for Watson St residents. Sounds worthwhile if these things can be considered.


14 Sep 2018

Important because this is currently a pretty ugly area - yet there is a vibrant multicultural shopping centre there.


13 Sep 2018

I support anything that might kickstart improvement in this long declining shopping strip. Now, if we could just get some of the shop owners to smarten up a little bit. Or at least clean those filthy windows (inside & outside). Let's initiate a little pride in Glen Huntly.


12 Sep 2018

Great idea! I’ve thought this area has been long overdue for a makeover...including the railway crossing on Neerim! Now we have Booran Reserve the rest of the strip needs a full makeover to match!


07 Sep 2018

100% supported. It's been such an eyesore for years. The last effort with the anchor shows they put a little bit of thought into it, but obviously the budget wasn't there. A nod to the history of the area is important and perhaps with a decent investment it could be fully realised. Anything to deter the rubbish dumpers.


01 Sep 2018

Great idea, this corner looks really scruffy. Needs an absolute turnaround. Please, please though no Agapanthus, they are horrific!

Grange Junction Cafe

29 Aug 2018

Absolutely supported. There are two major entrances to the Glen Huntly Shopping Precinct. The first is from the west and now has arguably the best park for children and families in Metropolitan Melbourne, namely, the Booran Reserve. It is now time to bring the eastern entry to life at Grange Junction, this being the five way intersection of Glen Huntly Road, Grange Road and Watson Grove (originally known as a Racecourse Road). This proposal for an artistic corner on Grange Junction (less the horrid Agapanthus please!) in addition to the restored and repurposed former Glen Huntly Post Office on the diagonally opposite corner will send a strong signal to the community that Glen Huntly is in business and on the rebound.


28 Aug 2018

Love the idea and happy to support!

Jenny Red

25 Aug 2018

Great idea, happy to support and also assist with any work requirements


22 Aug 2018

Good idea - you could also marry this garden/vegetated space with a raingarden (e.g. vegetated bio-filtration system) - which slows down and treats (cleans) stormwater, which would not only improve the aesthetics and amenity of this corner, but also the health of Port Philip Bay (where the stormwater ends up!)


15 Aug 2018

The idea sounds great and would fix a real eyesore