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Food Is Free Green Living Classroom & Greens Recycle Depot

Create FIF Ballarat Green Living Classroom & Greens Recycle Depot


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Suggested by: Lou

Project partner: Food Is Free Inc.




348 votes received

Established in 2014 Food Is Free Inc. is a grassroots volunteer organisation who have been combating food security issues via the popular Food Is Free Laneway, providing fresh produce share tables & growing veg/fruit for our community. Running out of space at the site, FIF were granted land at nearby Western Oval by Ballarat City Council to grow more food for their community. FIF now wish to turn FIF Green Space, an all-inclusive community space, into a hub to grow food en-masse plus hold workshops & sustainability via outdoor classrooms with a greens recycle depot for everyone to access.

Food security is a considerable issue in Ballarat with only 6.4% of our population eating the required daily vegetable intake. Green Space will provide education via classes on home produce growing plus all manner of free self-sufficency workshops (particularly targeted at those in our society at risk), plus a space for general public to drop off their green recyclables (egg cartons, veggie scraps, toilet roll holders etc) for our vols (and community groups wanting a free garden bed to gain new skills) to make soil to grow food en masse to put back in FIF Laneway or take home.


Project details

Suggested by: Lou

Project partner: Food Is Free Inc.




348 votes received


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15 Sep 2018

Great people

Kylie Vanderkley

14 Sep 2018

Such an Amazing community minded, environmentally sound projects ! Congratulations! 👍🏻💚


07 Sep 2018

A wonderful project that has the potential to reach so many.


06 Sep 2018

The track record of the FIF team and project is impressive, and beneficial to anyone who wants to be part of it. In other words, judgement and discrimination have no place in this space. Instead, it is a space where everyone can gain a sense of belonging. This next chapter of FIF helps to make the initiative even more sustainable and with a greater reach. Good luck! You have my vote for sure :)


05 Sep 2018

i,m voting for free food and will visit


03 Sep 2018

100% this is the best.


03 Sep 2018

What a wonderful project, would love to see this get up. It would not only do so much immediate good for so many people, but also teach people how to think more broadly and long-term about food supply and waste, encouraging cultural change. Brilliant.

Fiona Lee

02 Sep 2018

Amazing community and social work Lou and the Food is Free team!


31 Aug 2018

One of the best community minded, environmentally sound projects I have seen. Well done Lou and team ❤


30 Aug 2018

This is a fantastic local initiative and very successful. Let's help it to expand and help even more people in need


28 Aug 2018

this would be a fantastic idea. hope you get some funding.


27 Aug 2018

I am voting for food is free Ballarat...


27 Aug 2018

I think this is a brilliant initiative inclusive to all in need. It encourages others to give selflessly.


26 Aug 2018

Please support this urgent and visionary idea


25 Aug 2018

This is a fantastic initiative for the whole community and run by great people like Lou and her volunteers.


21 Aug 2018

Such a vibrant initiative, bringing the community together

Alice Barnes

19 Aug 2018

A great initiative 🙂

Deb B

18 Aug 2018

Good luck Lou. You are an inspiration.

17 Aug 2018

Eliminate hunger, eliminate waste, eliminate landfill. Promote goodwill!

Meg C

17 Aug 2018

Amazing project! Love them!!!


17 Aug 2018

Great cause. Well done


17 Aug 2018

This just keeps getting better and better, nice work FIF team!


16 Aug 2018

What a great way to help the environment, children and the community in general!


16 Aug 2018

Food is Free Laneway and Green Space are amazing for the local community


16 Aug 2018

Food is Free Laneway has been created by a passionate and devoted team. I would love to see them be able to take it to the next level.