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Essendon Primary School community netball courts

Repair our unsafe netball courts

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Suggested by: Debbie

Project partner: Essendon Primary School




179 votes received

This project did not receive enough votes to be successful.

Essendon Primary School (EPS) netball courts/paved playground space is unsafe after being dug up during building works.

We want to resurface the courts so they can be safely used by students during play time, by the seven school netball teams who can't practice on the courts, and also by other local Essendon netball clubs who currently need to travel across Moonee Valley to train.

EPS grounds are already open for community use outside of school hours, but this will allow us to formalise relationships with local netball clubs and significantly increase the use of the school grounds.

There is a significant shortage of playgrounds, netball courts and public open spaces around the Windy Hill precinct, and the School Council has been discussing formal shared use agreements for the school grounds with Moonee Valley City Council.

The courts also have basketballs hoops which are regularly used by locals during the weekends.

Project details

Suggested by: Debbie

Project partner: Essendon Primary School




179 votes received

This project did not receive enough votes to be successful.


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17 Sep 2018

The school and netball club are in desperate need for safe courts and this upgrade would provide this. A basic health and safety issue which needs to be addressed.

Jo Karra

12 Sep 2018

good luck


12 Sep 2018

Essendon Primary School is a great school. My two boys went there and we were very happy with there education. It's sad to see a part of children's play area be neglected in this way and we would love to see the netball court updated to a safe standard.

10 Sep 2018

Good Luck Essendon Primary

Sonia McDonald

10 Sep 2018

These courts are in desperate need of an upgrade. Please make this a safe useable space for the school and community.

05 Sep 2018

EPS is a wonderful community. It comprises of hardworking staff and students. They deserve the best.


04 Sep 2018

EPS is a deserving school that is in need of upgrading the netball courts. This not only improves the schools courts but encourages the students to participate in sporting activities to help bet the epidemic of obesity.


03 Sep 2018

We need those netball courts fixed so that our girls can get used to the active lifestyle that is utmost important in these changing times. Victorian Government has a perfect opportunity here to showcase their promotion of sports facilities for our daughters and sons. I encourage them.

Melissa Heenan

02 Sep 2018

Netball facilities have been lost in the council plans for too long.More is needed everywhere but especially in schools to give the girls some space of their own. Good Luck


01 Sep 2018

Good Luck Essendon Primary.


31 Aug 2018

I go to this school and I love to play basketball and netball,but I agree I hope this vote gets faaaarrr!


30 Aug 2018

The oldest school in Victoria needs this work to its grounds. Infrastructure is outdated to say the least.

Huyen Tran

29 Aug 2018

The court definitely needs renovating. Please do the best for our children


29 Aug 2018

These courts are in desperate need of an upgrade, my child has had many tumbles resulting in bad grazes caused by the uneven ground. Please make this a safe useable space for the school and community.


29 Aug 2018

It would be fabulous to see this area of the school upgraded. It is dangerous as the ground is so uneven. I am surprised there hasn't been a more serious accident. My daughter loves playing netball in this area.


29 Aug 2018

It would be great to see the kids inspired to play and practice their netball skills in lunch hours and for after school netball training, the bitumen courts which cover a very wide area of our small school grounds is currently dangerous and I'd like to see an end to nasty knee grazes when they fall running around.

Ava Adams

28 Aug 2018

The netball courts at Essendon Primary School are in desperate need of upgrading. It is frankly dangerous in its current state! Netball facilities are limited in Essendon. Please support kids playing sport in Essendon.


19 Aug 2018

The netball courts at EPS have never been in great shape, even back when I was a student at the school in the 80's. They have deteriorated now to such a degree that they are unsafe.

mooneevalley > Kristobel

20 Aug 2018

Hi Kristobel,
I'm the reporter for the Moonee Valley Leader and I'm trying to find out about the state of the courts for a story in the paper. Could I give you a call about this?


17 Aug 2018

The existing asphalt area at Essendon Primary School is dangerous and an eyesore.

The Moonee Valley Council ‘MV2040 Action Plan – Community Facilities’ calls for a fair, thriving, connected, green and beautiful City. As stated in the Action Plan for the Essendon area – ‘The significant under-supply of multi-purpose spaces can be addressed by increasing the supply of and diversity in new and upgraded facilities.’

Council-owned recreation facilities (in particular for netball and highball games) are limited in the Essendon area so it is essential we utilise spaces such as Essendon Primary School to realise both the School and Council’s visions of being an integral Community Hub - providing a safe and functional space to both school and community groups alike.


16 Aug 2018

Upgrade of netball courts desperately needed for safety of all who use them.

Bronwen Joy

15 Aug 2018

Please update the netball courts at Essendon PS.


15 Aug 2018

These courts are used by so many children and members of the community. It seriously lacks the full functionality and deserves a massive upgrade.

Shooting Goals!

15 Aug 2018

These netball courts desperately need to be upgraded! Not only have they been damaged by recent building works, but there are also bumps and cracks in the asphalt from tree roots. The courts are on a downward *****, so water pools at the bottom goal circle when it rains. The asphalt is a slippery unsafe surface for a fast court game. I coach netball at Essendon Primary School and know only too well how inadequate these netball courts are. It would be a huge benefit to the school and the community to upgrade these courts.


15 Aug 2018

This is a great initiative