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Community Health and Fitness Track

Highvale Primary Schools 50th Anniversary Health and Fitness Track

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Suggested by: Narelle

Project partner: Highvale Primary School




196 votes received

This project did not receive enough votes to be successful.

A ‘Multicultural Recreational and Social Space’, celebrating and nurturing the diversity of culture that has evolved in Glen Waverley.

We propose to replace the existing tired running track around the school oval with an upgraded Community Health and Fitness track. A meeting place will converge on the south east side of the track containing seating surrounded by totem poles painted with flags representing over 35 nationalities of students in the schools 50th year. This will flow to a garden on the south side of the track creating a beautiful space for children to indulge in imaginative play and experience nature.

Population growth and declining land size in the area has sacrificed outdoor living space, and we have seen our existing running track increasingly utilised by our local community from dawn to dusk.

Recently, school expansion has resulted in the removal of established trees, leaving the surrounds bare. We will create a beautiful space for our local community to walk, run, cycle, kick a football, practise tai chi, meet up with friends, explore and play. This will give many families and individuals particularly those new to the area, an inclusive space to connect and network in the community.

Project details

Suggested by: Narelle

Project partner: Highvale Primary School




196 votes received

This project did not receive enough votes to be successful.


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15 Sep 2018

What a fabulous idea! I like that the school wants to encourage more community engagement in the area. Heaven knows we need it!


14 Sep 2018

Our community will benefit as a whole.
I’ve seen kids doing soccer training outside school hours, the locals walk, jog and many more, not to mention the school has many uses for their physical activities or sporting events.


13 Sep 2018

It will be great if we have a better track in our community.


13 Sep 2018

Proud school, supporting the community, making track available to locals


13 Sep 2018

Great school... it's a great way to celebrate 50th Anniversary. Let's keep the voting up :)


13 Sep 2018

This is a great project for the whole area! We live very close to the school and often see people using the track for walking, running or just for children to play on. Great for the school and great for the area!


12 Sep 2018

Although my son graduated from the school a few years ago, we still like doing exercise on the track. It is great for both students and local people to have a new track.

12 Sep 2018

The project will be a fantastic gift for the school. Students and the community will be enjoy it.

susmita anis

10 Sep 2018

Very thoughtful idea. It will be a great opportunity in terms of rapport building in such a culturally diverse community. All the best wishes to HPS success.


06 Sep 2018

Fantastic project!!! A much needed upgrade for the school and great asset for Highvale 50th celebrations


04 Sep 2018

Fantastic idea! Highvale has great focus on bringing the school community together, this will be a much needed upgrade to enrich the community culture in students, families and community around the school. All the best.


01 Sep 2018

Thoughtful and meaningful project! The school oval brings people together from all walks of life. This idea will greatly encourage a healthier lifestyle and enhance the sense of community for the students and families in the area. Looking forward to it...


31 Aug 2018

A fantastic idea which resonants with Highvale and the growing families in Glen Waverley. A worthy cause for the community and timely to celebrate Highvale’s 50th anniversary!


30 Aug 2018

This track is the local 'village green', it is a wonderful proposal for the school and local area. Wishing you success on this submission it would be fantastic recognition of this welcoming inclusive school in its 50th year!


29 Aug 2018

My friends were the first students 50 years ago and both my children attended. Many fond memories of twilight sports.
The schools facilities are also used before and after school and on weekends. This means that the community as a whole will benefit from the upgrade of the track.


27 Aug 2018

The upgrading of this track will provide the school and community members a venue for various sporting activities. We were first introduced to the school through a family day activity that was held at this track.

Neats 23

27 Aug 2018

A great cause - track needs upgrading for the health and wellbeing of the students and the local community, especially in light of the obesity epidemic. Track is in disrepair at the moment and very slippery.


24 Aug 2018

A lot of people in the community use the fields and walking track. It will be wonderful to have it upgraded as it's quite slippery and in significant need of improvement.


22 Aug 2018

It will be an great achievement for Highvale on it 50th anniversary year as well as new facilities for the children and teachers of the school and the community around the school. This will definitely be an excellent add on to their existing good work and achievements.
All the best Highvale 👍🏻


22 Aug 2018

This a great cause. Highvale Primary school is a great community school and provides superb education to the students. The school is in much need of new facilities to continue the excellent work they have achieved to date. It will be a great outcome to have been picked with the schools 50th anniversary fast approaching. Thank you.


21 Aug 2018

Sounds like a good project for school and neighbourhood


21 Aug 2018

This is much needed upgraded for the school and surrounding community, sincerely wish this gets funded for the 50th Anniversary of Highvale primary school. Thank you Narelle for the idea!


19 Aug 2018

This is a great upgrade that will bring value to the community living around Highvale and students.

Riley m

17 Aug 2018

Go Highvale


16 Aug 2018

This would be a fantastic contribution to the community as many people use the fields and the walking track as well as the children at school. The community idea of including the flags of many nationalities represented at the school would be a lovely addition to the neighbourhood