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All Aboard! Engaging Youth to build a Miniature Railway Station

Engaging trade orientated secondary students in community based work experience.


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Suggested by: Grant

Project partner: Harcourt & District Lions Club




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To provide engaging, off-Campus, hands-on work experience for 25 Castlemaine Secondary College (CSC) students, in Harcourt at the Victorian Miniature Railway. On a weekly basis the students will help to build a 1:3 scale replica of the iconic Maryborough Railway Station. Students from the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning, Flexible Learning Option and Nalderun Project (Indigenous) programs will undertake a range of work experiences in the design, installation and commissioning of electrical, plumbing, concreting, bricklaying, carpentry & painting trades, under the supervision of qualified tradespersons, CSC staff, and community mentors.

The project will provide a vital new tourist attraction for the Harcourt community and support the local businesses. The local tradespersons will benefit from the jobs created to build the miniature railway station. In addition to developing new trades skills, the students will learn the importance of displaying respect, resilience, engagement and creativity. These core values will foster confidence and self esteem which will help them to establish their place in the workforce and in the community. For more information on the project (highly recommended) cut and paste this link


Project details

Suggested by: Grant

Project partner: Harcourt & District Lions Club




284 votes received


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14 Sep 2018

A great project and will be good for local tourism....


13 Sep 2018

Love this project. What a wonderful experience for these young students and hopeful for more to c okme through as well


09 Sep 2018

Fantastic project - not only engages youth reminds us oldies of the fun we had as kids

Jimbonicus Readsopoulous

06 Sep 2018

Captures the imagination from babes to older australians. Worthwhile and adventurous project. Well done all


06 Sep 2018

Castlemaine Secondary College is supportive of its students in joining this very practical project with a lasting outcome. Miniature Railways are always a hit!


03 Sep 2018

A wonderful project and initiative bringing our community together, promoting skills development and attracting more to this beautiful and vibrant part of Victoria!


03 Sep 2018

The Harcourt "Victorian Miniature Railway" VMR is a developing group that is becoming a well known miniature railway both in the local region and via its affiliate model engineering clubs, across Australia. As has been noted above the this is an excellent educational opportunity that will last long after this current projects original establishment and goals are completed.
With current and future members of diverse skills backgrounds and ages, the passing of skills and knowledge via model engineering and the facilities development from one to another will be a common thread and goal.
VMR has attracted a lot of interest both within the local region and also further afield.

Karen M

02 Sep 2018

This is such a unique project. School kids, community groups and local business will all benefit and to boot Harcourt will have a fantastic new icon that will be around for decades to come.


02 Sep 2018

This project offers lots of benefits to the community in both the short and long term.

01 Sep 2018

Great project with real involvement from local Castlemaine Secondary College students!


31 Aug 2018

Great project for Harcourt and the Castlemaine Secondary College.


30 Aug 2018

This is an exciting educational opportunity to engage local youth in a worthwhile long term learning experience. It will enable a local public school to link up and motivate students in different setting with trade experience and committed volunteers as real life mentors.

Joe Henry

27 Aug 2018

I really like the linkages of this project.
New tourism venture
New activity for locals
Involvement with youth
New use for vacant land in a small community
Putting a small community name on the map
An additional activity and destination in a small community


25 Aug 2018

This is a very engaging project that needs to be funded. Great for Harcourt and the local economy but most importantly, a vehicle for developing the skills, hope and confidence in the students. Let's jump onboard!


21 Aug 2018

Great project for students, community and tourism.


20 Aug 2018

Such a great project. Fabulous vehicle for engaging students and benefiting the community at the same time.


20 Aug 2018

Wonderful to see you 3 great CSC students out there and making a positive difference to the Harcourt community. Cheers.


20 Aug 2018

It is a great experience for the students and may help in their decision making for their future. The help of the students makes the task lighter for the VMR members who give there free time to complete the project. Harcourt community to recover after the Calder Freeway has lost customers and income.


20 Aug 2018

Sound skill development for young people and great community engagement.


19 Aug 2018

Great opportunity for the whole community and school to get involved in. This is a wonderful place to build one as well


17 Aug 2018

Great opportunity for local kids of Castlemaine to gain experience and skills. Great work GVG


15 Aug 2018

What a great project and a beautiful opportunity for the students to learn a variety of skills. In time, it will also help to put Harcourt on the "map".


13 Aug 2018

Amazing kids doing amazing things


13 Aug 2018

One of the benefits of this project will be in 30 years time, when students will look back and say to their kids, 'Gee, I helped build that!"


13 Aug 2018

Awesome project need to be finshed.