Church grounds

A Sensory Garden For The Eaglehawk Community

A peaceful, beautiful space for everyone to enjoy and relax.

Project details

Suggested by: Judy

Project partner: The Anglican Diocese of Bendigo




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We aim to transform the existing grounds of our local church into a functional, peaceful and attractive sensory garden. In sensory gardens, plants and other design elements are selected with the intention of providing experiences for heightened sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. These types of gardens are popular with and beneficial to both children and adults, especially those who have sensory processing issues, including autism and other disabilities. Children with disabilities greatly benefit from exposure to sensory gardens, as they provide a therapeutic and safe way for them to explore their senses.

Aside from the therapeutic emphasis, all members of our community will have access at all times. We envisage a place to come and relax, to have lunch or a picnic, to ponder and play.

We see local art incorporated in the design, unique features and wonderful photo opportunities. There will be an all access children's playground to promote community and family interaction.

Being on the church grounds it will also provide space for spiritual nourishment along the themes of beauty and creation.

The specialist nature of the garden could attract visitors and have economic benefits for local retailers as well.

Project details

Suggested by: Judy

Project partner: The Anglican Diocese of Bendigo




156 votes received

This project did not receive enough votes to be successful.


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16 Sep 2018

A wonderful addition to the Eaglehawk community.

Puspita Handayani

11 Sep 2018

Great idea, I hope everything works well.

Beverley L

08 Sep 2018

Great Idea


07 Sep 2018

Absolutely fabulous idea happy to help in any way

Jodi Skinner

31 Aug 2018

Fabulous idea, good luck!


29 Aug 2018

Lovely idea and so many benefits!


24 Aug 2018

This will be a wonderful project for Eaglehawk, building on the already amazing features of such a community driven, proud, innovative and compassionate place!


23 Aug 2018

Great idea .I visit this Church on many occasions along with many others in the community. This is a ideal area for a sensory garden as it would attract the public along with garden lovers to walk through the gardens enjoying the peace and tranquillity


21 Aug 2018

What a wonderful idea for a Sensory Garden in Eaglehawk. The people of "The Burra" would love to be part of this submission. Great for Eaglehawk and the wider City of Greater Bendigo.

Nancy Cutlack

20 Aug 2018

Eaglehawk is a close community where many wonderful people from culturally diverse backgrounds, low socioeconomic backgrounds are drawn to its community feel, its warm heart and ability to support each other in good times and challenging times.
Walking around the community we are struck by the friendliness of locals, the dedication of people serving the community e.g medical practitioners, school communities and service clubs as well as local churches.
eEagle hawk Anglican church is right in the Centre of town on a large corner block of land facing the primary school and local business. This concerned community offers support meals, friendship and craft groups, massage for people who cannot access health services because of financial disadvantage, counselling and informal community development projects .
one of the projects being considered is hte development of the outside area into a sensory garden. This would particularly enhance the appeal of the environment for people with disabilities including vision, hearing and mobility. Being wheel chair accessible with plant of seating in a restful atmosphere this garden would be a place of refuge and peace offered freely to residents of Eaglehawk and visitors alike. Local focus groups would be consulted including aboriginal and Torres strait islanders, ethnic communities particularly those relating to the history of gold mining eg Chinese community , welsh groups . where possible local volunteers would be used in the plantings and maintenance of the garden once the landscape architect has drawn up. Thus becoming a community hub for people of all abilities and cultures to express themselves and be nurtured spiritually.


19 Aug 2018

A great project which will benefit the whole community!


19 Aug 2018

A worthy project to beautify a significant Eaglehawk landmark for all ages and groups of people to enjoy and find some pleasure in nature.


19 Aug 2018

Great idea!


17 Aug 2018

Will be great for all the Eaglehawk community.


17 Aug 2018

Great for the environment, great for building healthy communities, great for young, old and everyone inbetween, mind, body & spirit! Go team!


16 Aug 2018

Go Eaglehawk!!!! what else do you need to say.

BMcDonald > Alison

16 Aug 2018

As far as we can tell, we are the only project on offer from Eaglehawk... so yes, go Eaglehawk!


16 Aug 2018

This is a terrific idea and can involve the whole community, but will also draw others into the Eaglehawk area as well. Will be a space to provide enjoyment and reflection.

Ian...and then what?

15 Aug 2018

This is my pick because it is in the heart of my community, it will be open to my community and it will be a place of refuge in the busyness of a day or a week.

David Schmack

15 Aug 2018

This Garden would inspire and enhance Eagle Hawk with the tranquility the area needs .The business area of eagle Hawk would benifit bringing many people into the area to enjoy the magnificent gardens.. what a unique and great adventure this would bring to Eaglehawk for all to enjoy from young to old and families..


14 Aug 2018

What a wonderful way to welcome all people into the Eaglehawk community on this prominent location with a beautiful accessible sensory garden for this major landmark and historical church.


13 Aug 2018

This would be a great project for eaglehawk and community to connect families


13 Aug 2018

This will be great for the community


13 Aug 2018

I believe that this project is very much needed not only to beautify this landmark Church, but also for the community to enjoy. I, along with others would be proud to invite and bring our City visitors to this area to relax in peaceful surrounds.

Ian...and then what? > Mause4

13 Aug 2018

I'd like to see this corner of Eaglehawk greener, softer and more usable. Wonderful idea to make this more accessible and open again for play and healing and community :)