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200,000 free, nutritious meals for vulnerable Victorians

Extra kitchen shifts turn more surplus food into healthy meals


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Suggested by: Tony

Project partner: FareShare Australia Incorporated




633 votes received

FareShare rescues food that would otherwise go to waste and cooks it into nutritious meals for people in need. We provide free meals to more than 400 Victorian charities, many nearby our kitchen, including homeless shelters, soup vans, women’s refuges, disadvantaged schools and foodbanks. With this grant, we would employ a chef for 40 hours per week and mobilise more people in our local community and surrounding suburbs to get together and volunteer in our kitchen. Our chef would supervise 15-20 volunteers per kitchen shift which would result in 4,000 extra meals being cooked weekly, or 200,000 extra meals annually.

Our project will benefit the local community by:
- improving the diet and physical and mental health of vulnerable men, women and children living locally
- easing the financial stress of disadvantaged local households
- providing local charities with more nutritious food than they could otherwise afford
- saving local charities money that they can reallocate to other essential welfare support
- providing more locals with opportunities to volunteer with all the benefits volunteering brings
- helping local business' deal with challenging surplus food
- protecting the environment by reducing the amount of waste going to landfill


Project details

Suggested by: Tony

Project partner: FareShare Australia Incorporated




633 votes received


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17 Sep 2018

Good work! Keep going


14 Sep 2018

Good luck


10 Sep 2018

Thankyou Fareshare !


04 Sep 2018

Go Fareshare


03 Sep 2018

FareShare does a great job in both rescuing food and supplying meals to the needy.

Bill from Blackburn

02 Sep 2018

This is a real Win Win project - saving food which would otherwise be wasted, and also providing meals for hungry, needy Victorians


01 Sep 2018

Fareshare do an amazing job!


01 Sep 2018

Simple but effective, FareShare deserve this


31 Aug 2018

Wonderful organisation doing selfless work


31 Aug 2018

A proven model with great benefits


31 Aug 2018

Great organisation rescuing food to help those in need.


30 Aug 2018

FareShare deserves every cent that can be raised to help those doing it tough.


28 Aug 2018

Fareshare has a great track record but could do so much more for those in real need if this grant application was successful

soula beroukas

27 Aug 2018

Incredible organisation!


27 Aug 2018

High impact organisation harnessing 1000 volunteers & rescued food to fight hunger with nutritious cooked meals.

Claire mcgoldrick

26 Aug 2018

Good food being turned into delicious meals by energetic and creative chefs!


25 Aug 2018

Such a wonderful organization, rescuing good food which shouldn't be wasted and helping people in need with nutritious meals.


24 Aug 2018

Most worthwhile organization rescuing food to provide much needed nutrious meals to the needy.

Kurly Keenan

23 Aug 2018

This project is very important!


21 Aug 2018

This one ticks all the boxes, saving good food from landfill then feeding people who are hungry.

Time 4 Kids TV

21 Aug 2018

Have donated to this organisation before because it provides much needed food for those in need. Volunteers do an amazing job. An extra chef will be so beneficial.
Wishing you every success FareShare!


21 Aug 2018

Have worked for this organisation for many years on a voluntary basis. The work in rescuing food, preparing nutritious meals for people is inspiring and rewarding. The look of thanks, honesty and gratitude is worth the many experiences over the years. The awareness of not wasting food has become paramount. Excellent organisation.


21 Aug 2018

Wonderful organisation that provides much needed assistance to those in need. They deserve all the help they can get.

J Simon

20 Aug 2018

Making a big impact recycling unwanted food into nutritious meals for those who need it most - tick, tick, tick Fareshare


20 Aug 2018

Fare share is fantastic they deserve encouragement and support